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  1. Betty says:

    I have 2 very large pots that I’m planning to put Coleus in. Is it ok to put mulch in the bottom of the pot as a filler?

    • Karlie Graf says:

      Hi Betty-
      You can use mulch as a filler in the bottom of your pot. Rocks, packing peanuts and empty plastic pots will work as well!

  2. Becky says:

    We are first time home owners who are trying to DIY a backyard that is a bit of a disaster. Though we have a sort of endless list of questions, I’ll keep this email to five:

    1). We live on a hill, and our land seems constantly moist and muddy. Last year was our first summer here, and we took out some fo the trees to allow sun to get through. This year, after raking, we have realized that the muddy plots of backyard are now filled with moss. How do we get grass to grow on a shady, muddy hill?

    2). The previous owners left a massive stump in the middle of the hill. At this point, it looks old and rotted. We want to remove it. Any suggestions for the best method?

    3). Our hill is largely covered in ivy. We’d like to remove the ivy and get grass to grow. We are worried, though, that it will be a disaster to expose all the dirt. If we seed it immediately, will gras grown and keep it form becoming a literal mud bath?

    4). Part of the hill is helping place by railroad ties. The railroad ties are rotting and falling apart (and are the home to quite a few chipmunks). We would love to replace them with huge boulders and sort of place boulders so they look almost like a natural rock area. Not a wall, per say, but rocks on the side of a hill. Can you guys deliver folders if we pull out the railroad ties?

    5). Our front porch is made of brick and is very unsightly. We want to put shrubs in front of it to hide the brick. We have kids and allergies so we want low maintenance, non-prickly shrubs with, preferably, no flower that we can plant straight across the fort of the porch, immediately.

    Any suggestions you have would be hugely appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

    • Karlie Graf says:

      Hi Becky! I would recommend that you stop into the garden shop so we can discuss all of your questions/areas! Here are the shop, we can show you the plants in person and talk to you about your options with the stump and mossy area.

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