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Early spring potting flowers are here! Stop in to pick out plants for your planters and window boxes! Fill up your pots with cool tolerant pansies, hellebores, bulbs and more!

Easter is hopping around the corner!

We are now taking Easter orders from churches and other organizations. To learn more about what beautiful plants we offer, give us a call at 330.836.2727!

Graf's Workshop Series

Let's dig into the dirt! Grab a friend and sign up for workshops that'll bring fresh plants to your home.

Spring is around the corner!

Stop into our store for seed starting supplies including non-GMO seeds, potting soil, peat pots and more!

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Picture all of the memories you can make outside on your new patio in spring 2017. Start planning now! Call Tom and Derrick at 330.836.2727 to schedule your consultation now.

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Spring Potting Plants such as
Pansies, Hellebores, Tulips, & more.
Blooming Houseplants
Succulents & Cacti
Miniature Garden Plants

Events & Classes

From succulent bowls and terrariums to air plant wreaths and potting workshops, we offer a variety of workshops each month! Click to learn what is coming up!


Home and Flower Show Plant Sale
6.5" Cyclamen, Kalanchoes & More
now $6 each, regularly $12.99!

Landscape & Design

Imagine the Possibilities
Start planning for spring and picture the memories you can make outside. Schedule a consultation today.

Come and be part of our Graf Growers Family.

Three generations of Graf’s have welcomed fall’s arrival with fresh, colorful flowers and reunions with friends, old and new. Stop into our garden center for plants that look and smell of fall! For over 35 years, we’ve celebrated fall in the best way we know how, growing plants and gardening with you.

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Mosquito Repelling Plants Grow plants that will naturally keep mosquitos away while you enjoy your outdoor living spaces. No one wants to swat away mosquitos while they are enjoying a barbeque, reading a book or just sitting out and enjoy a beer. Plant mosquito repelling plants around your patio for mosquito coverage! Here are seven plants […]


From the desk of Lisa Graf… One of the most common comments I have heard in the garden center this week is “I am so far behind” or “I’m just getting started with my gardening.” Extreme May temperatures and rainy weekends have made it difficult to keep up with spring planting. I can assure you that there […]