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Plenty of Time for Planting

From the desk of Lisa Graf…

One of the most common comments I have heard in the garden center this week is “I am so far behind” or “I’m just getting started with my gardening.” Extreme May temperatures and rainy weekends have made it difficult to keep up with spring planting. I can assure you that there is still plenty of time for planting and to enjoy your garden all summer. In fact, I always plant my gardens and containers in mid-June after the spring rush. I have found that the key to successful summer planting is to be sure to keep newly transplanted plants and their root balls well watered to get them established I especially like to make perennial choices in June when so many of the varieties are blooming so I can coordinate colors. So don’t despair, stop in this weekend and get started.

Lisa's Landscape2  Lisa's Landscape

Visiting the garden center is often like going on a treasure hunt as you go in and out of the greenhouses and the nursery looking for plants that inspire you. We’ve stocked up with fresh plants so you’ll find a great selection. I took a walk through the greenhouses this week and there are fresh options of flowering annuals and vegetable plants that are not overgrown and looking beautiful. You’ll be amazed at the selection and quality.  Our staff is here to help you make selections that will thrive in your landscape. You will enjoy your garden all summer!


Pesky Aphids…this year we are seeing a lot of plant samples with aphids. This insect is generally seen clustered on the stems and near the buds. They are small oval shaped and green (similar to the shade of plant stems) or black and they leave a sticky excretion on plants. They will not harm plants immediately, however, the health of the plant will decline over time causing distorted leaves and sooty mold which forms on the sticky parts. It is best if it is treated as soon as you see it and we recommend that you treat your plants. We offer conventional and organic options here in our store so there is a great option for everyone. We do recommend to spray early in the morning or in the evening when the air is still and the sun is less intense. Stop in with your leaf sample so we can help you today!

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