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Akron Garden Tour Recap

This past Saturday, Lisa, Karlie and Emily had a fun rainy day by going on a local garden tour that is put on by the Summit County Master Gardeners! It was such great fun and we always look forward to seeing local area gardens. To all of the gardeners on the tour- thank you for opening up your gardens for us to admire and explore. We always gather such fun ideas and are inspired. To the Master Gardeners- thank you for continuing to put on an impressive, quality tour that everyone looks forward to going on each year!

Here is our recap of the Akron Garden Tour.

Stop 1:

Summit Co. Garden Tour

Pulling up to this beautiful home, you were greeted by symmetrical flower beds that were full of beautiful pink, purple, white, lime green and orange flowers and foliage. The pink geraniums that were tucked into these perennial beds carried your eye up the walkway to an urn that was planted with gorgeous annuals.

Summit Co. Garden Tour

As you walk to their backyard, you are greeted by a large water feature on your right. To your left is their built in fire pit and sitting area. It was neat to see how you could sit by the fire and enjoy hearing the sound of running water.

Summit Co. Garden Tour

As you continued around to the back, they have a beautiful feature wall with climbing hydrangeas, unique shrubs and a line of boxwood in front kamagra oral jelly rezeptfrei kaufen. Their home has double doors that would open up to the feature wall on the left and a patio and table in the center. They had beautiful perennial beds behind the patio with a line of arborvitae creating a clean and distinct backdrop.

Summit Co. Garden Tour

Next to their driveway, is the homeowners herb garden. Adding extremely unique and cool interest are their espaliered apple and pear trees.

Summit Co. Garden Tour   Summit Co. Garden Tour   Summit Co. Garden Tour

Stop 2:

The second stop on the tour actually turned out to be Akron General and Visiting Nurses Hospice Care on Ridgewood Road. The gardens at this property seemed to go on forever with many beautiful and quiet reflecting spaces for hospice patients and their family and friends. One of our favorite features of the hospice gardens was their many flower beds that were planted in mass or with unique combinations. Karlie’s favorite was their one bed that had an oakleaf hydrangea planted in the back with hosta ‘Patriot’ planted in front. The combination seems so simple, yet it was stunning and powerful. They also had large beds of red Astilbe and Lamb’s Ear that looked stunning in mass.

Summit Co. Garden Tour    Summit Co. Garden Tour    Summit Co. Garden Tour    Summit Co. Garden Tour

Many of their quiet retreats were tucked in along the woods. Some were placed along the building and walkway, but were still semi-private, yet easily accessible. Their martini patio (pictured below with Emily and Karlie) is a private, lighthearted space for patients and their families to gather. We loved the ‘olive’ that was planted with lime green water plants!

Summit Co. Garden Tour    Summit Co. Garden Tour    Summit Co. Garden Tour

Stop 3:

The next stop was a quaint home that had extensive gardens around their property. One of our favorite features of this garden was the unique hanging bag that was planted with bright colors of coleus. The bright lime green, red and light salmon stood out from the dark colored home and really drew your eye to a semi-matching pot that was set beside it.

Summit Co. Garden Tour     Summit Co. Garden Tour

This home also featured a well-rounded vegetable garden that was planted in their side yard – one of the only sunny spaces on the property. You were led to the garden from the backyard through a vintage arbor that had clematis climbing over it. It was unexpected and enchanting, and was very neat, organized and thriving. In this garden you could find corn, tomatoes, peppers, rhubarb, sweet peas and more!

Summit Co. Garden Tour     Summit Co. Garden Tour

Stop back to see what we thought of the next gardens in our next blog post!

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