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Why is Graf’s Garden Shop and Landscape the choice for mulch in Akron?

high quality mulch akron, Ohio

high quality mulch akron, OhioIf you have spent the time and money completing your own landscaping, or have hired someone to plan and execute landscape updates for you, taking care of the investment for the long haul is important. Mulching the plants in your landscape is an important way to care for and protect them, as well as the soil around them – and the type of mulch you use matters.


The mulch we carry at Graf’s Garden Shop and Graf’s Landscape & Design is premium grade mulch, and the highest quality mulch available in Akron. Our mulch is made only of shredded tree bark from local suppliers to ensure you’re putting the highest quality materials on your plants and landscape. Lower grade mulch is comprised of shredded pallets, plant materials, pine wood, and, often contains plastics. 

Mulch from shredded tree bark is superior to other options because it doesn’t come from pallets, which are often treated with methyl bromide (if they aren’t heat treated). Methyl bromide, widely used as a pesticide, has negative affects on plants. When applied to seedlings in a high enough quantity, growth rate and foliage development were slowed greatly, and in some cases, seedlings were killed. 

Lower quality mulch also often contains plastics. We’ve all heard about the proliferation of micro plastics. When dealing with our yard where our children and animals often play, why add more plastics and chemicals from plastics, especially when there’s a safe option?

High-quality, bulk mulch decomposes and breaks down, adding necessary nutrients for plants and soil. Plastics and chemicals don’t break down at the same rate, nor are they helpful for our plants and soil. Research completed by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry also found that when methyl bromide is transferred to nearby water, high enough concentrations are toxic to aquatic life. Similar findings have been made for micro plastics, which are now found in all marine life, water systems, clouds and even our bodies! High quality mulch not only protects your plants, but also your yard, your family and helps protect the environment at large. 

Compared to the slow breakdown rate of methyl bromide and the even slower rate of micro plastics, bark mulch has a natural rate of decomposition. As it breaks down, it adds nutrients to your plants, yard and soil – and doesn’t leave behind nails, sticks, pallet materials or plastics! 

In addition to our high-quality mulch, we also offer sweet peet, which is pre-composted mulch that can be used as a soil amendment. We recommend using it to give a boost to vegetable gardens, perennials, shrubs and trees.  Sweet peet allows for easier water absorption, encourages the presence of beneficial earth worms, and has a nearly-neutral pH value. This helps both acidic and alkaline soils to move toward a pH “sweet spot” where locked up nutrients can be released to the feeder roots of your plants. 

If you have more questions about the benefits of high-quality mulch, we’re here for you. Give us a call or stop by our shop. Our free mulch calculator is also available to assist you in determining exactly how much mulch you might need. Remember, there’s no minimum order for mulch deliveries! 

Ready to protect your plants, yard and beyond? Order high-quality mulch from Graf’s