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Easy-Care Hydrangeas

Easy-Care Hydrangeas

Light up your landscape with hydrangea paniculata – the panicle hydrangea – an easy-care shrub with stunning reliable blooms.

The Low Down on Panicle Hydrangeas


No care is required for these plants other feeding them and watching them grow!

  1. Full to Part Sun Loving
  2. Bloom from July – October
  3. Their growth happens on new wood so you can cut them back in the fall or early spring.

Just when your blue and pink shade hydrangeas are beginning to fade out, panicle hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom.


These hydrangeas change color almost monthly – all the way through October.



hydrangea lime light

New Blooms






hydrangea bobo

New Blooms

hydrangea bobo





hydrangeas should be fertilizied
Fertilizing is important for hydrangea growth and strength. It can also help your plant(s) to produce more blooms and increased color. Fertilizing is especially important for young plants, helping them establish themselves more quickly by adding important nutrients to the new soil. 
We recommend organic Holly-Tone for your hydrangeas. Organic Holly-Tone is a good fertilizer for hydrangeas because it is designed for plants that prefer acidic soil, and hydrangeas do. Holly-Tone also contains sulphur, which can help lower the pH of the soil.  
Be sure to feed them with organic Holly-Tone in late March or April, July and October

‘Firelight Tidbit’

The tinniest hydrangea available – it grows just 2-3′ tall and wide – but it packs a punch with easy-care beauty.


 Lisa Graf’s favorite hydrangea! Pure white blooms cover this petite hydrangea and then change to pink and green in the fall.

‘Little Lime’


‘Little Quickfire’

hydrangea limelight tree

‘Limelight’ Tree

limelight prime hydrangea

‘Limelight’ Prime

Panicle Hydrangeas create the perfect eye-catching focal point

Create a hedgerow for a gorgeous and effective privacy screen.

Have a small garden? Create a mini hedge between you and your neighbors.

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