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Shamrock Weekend

Shamrock Season is here! During our Shamrock Weekend on March 1-2, save yourself some green $$$ by finding golden shamrocks that we have hidden on items throughout the shop and greenhouse! If you find a golden shamrock, you’ll win 17% OFF your purchase. The greenhouse will be full of shamrocks, new house plants, cool pottery selections and more. Enjoy complimentary sweet treats while you shop too!
Find a new plant babe? Dress them up in a new pot at our Free Potting Bar (Saturday, March 2 only). We provide the soil for free and clean up the mess! You can also enter to win Graf’s Pot-O-Gold gift card raffle. We hope you’ll kick off your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with us!


Learn more about why we love Shamrocks below!

Botanical Name: Oxalis
We love shamrocks for their iconic leaves, beautiful flowers and easy-care nature. At Graf’s, we offer several different varieties of shamrocks including purple leaf shamrocks, iron cross shamrocks, and green leaf shamrocks that have white or lavender flowers.
Shamrock care: Your shamrock will grow best in medium to bright indirect light. They prefer to have moderately moist soil. Do not let your shamrock get overly dry between waterings. Shamrocks grow from shallow miniature tubers. They do have a period of dormancy in late summer where they will begin to loose leaves one-by-one. Do not panic when this happens. You plant is NOT dying. Continue to water it and then new leaves and stems will begin to emerge and fill in!
What can I do with my shamrock after St. Patrick’s Day? Enjoy it as a house plant all year OR transfer it to your summer shade container gardens. They will thrive as a foliage plant in your porch pots or flower bed!

Shamrock with purple flowers

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