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Gardening in June – There’s Plenty of Time

Lisa Graf writes…

One of the most common comments I have heard in the garden center this week is “I am so far behind” or “I’m just getting started with my gardening.” Rainy weekends have made it difficult to keep up with spring planting. I can assure you that there is still plenty of time for gardening in June. You will still be able to enjoy your garden all summer long. In fact, I always plant my gardens and containers in mid-June after the spring rush. I have found that the key to June gardening is to be sure to keep newly transplanted plants well watered to get them established.

June is perennial gardening month and I especially like to make my perennial plant choices then. So many perennials are at their peak. It is the perfect time to shop for perennials because so many of them are blooming and you can actually see their colorful blooms I walked through the perennial greenhouse yesterday and it is just bursting with flowers. Astilbe, a shade loving perennial, is flowering in shades of pink, white, and rosy reds with big feathery plume like flowers. There are numerous blue flowers blooming including Geranium ‘Rozanne’ which is a great re-blooming perennial. Gaillardia ‘Arizona Sun’ is beginning to bloom it’s fun red and yellow flowers. You’ll find blooming daisies, phlox and so much more. I invite you to stop in, take a walk through the perennials & find the just the right ones for your garden.

Don’t despair about your spring and summer gardening, stop in this weekend and get started.  Visiting the garden center is often like going on a treasure hunt as you go in and out of the greenhouses and the nursery looking for plants that inspire you. We’ve stocked up with fresh plants so you’ll find a great selection. We hope to see you soon!



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