Graf’s Farm Market

13 comments on “Graf’s Farm Market
  1. Sue Spencer says:

    Can’t wait for your corn………the best in the world….
    My family are corn snobs

  2. cathy Davis says:

    Do you have your bi color corn picked.

    • Karlie Graf says:

      Starting July 11, we will have fresh, handpicked Ohio Sweet corn from Central Ohio. It is from a farm that we have specifically selected because they grow with the same type of corn seed use. Our sweet corn will be arriving mid to late July! We will keep our website posted with information! We hope you stop in and try out the corn- it will be delicious!

  3. Barbara Casto says:

    We had out of town company and feed them from the farm market… Corn, potatoes,…and pie for desert. Can’t wait for the big red cherries, and all the pastry.

  4. Amy says:

    Will you be doing your market baskets again? If so, when will they start?

    • Karlie Graf says:

      Hi Amy! We will be doing Market Baskets again this year and information for them will be released next week! We will send you an email to give you details about sizes and pricing! Thanks,

  5. Rebecca says:

    Have I missed the Georgia Peach Truck?

    • Karlie Graf says:

      The Peach Truck visited us on June 6 and they will not be returning to our area for the rest of the season as they are out of peaches. We will have fresh peaches in our Farm Market when it opens on July 11!

  6. Dave Glass says:

    How long will the corn be available?

    • Karlie Graf says:

      We have corn this weekend and plan to have it through next weekend, September 30-October 1! We hope you can stop in for some!

  7. Barbara says:

    Do you have the Bing cherries in yet or nectarines?

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