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Hardy Hibiscus: how to select and care for them + what to plant with them

At Graf’s, we adore hardy Hibiscus – we even have them in our flower beds! By late summer, their big blooms are a welcome sight in the garden!


  • Massive 8-9″ vibrant blooms
  • A perennial plant
  • Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators
  • Deer Resistant
  • Full sun to part sun loving

When choosing which hibiscus to add to your garden, consider both the foliage color and flower style.

Evening Rose Hibiscus
8″ puckered hot pink flowers cover the near black foliage of this new variety of hibiscus!
Berry Awesome Hibiscus
A favorite of Tim’s
Huge, 7-8″ ruffled lavender pink flowers with a cherry red eye stand above the compact midnight green foliage.
Candy Crush Hibiscus
A favorite of Karlie’s
Bright bubble gum pink flowers with a near-black dark red eye are produced all over the upright bright green leaves
Holy Grain Hibiscus
Incredibly dark, near black foliage holds 8-9″ deep red flowers. A great focal point plant!
Huge creamy custard yellow flowers with a ruffled edge and berry eye cover this olive green plant.


Huge, pure red blooms absolutely glow against the richest purple foliage of all hibiscus.
Vintage Wine Hibiscus
Near-black buds open to huge 7”, scarlet red flowers with crinkled leaves that shimmer in the sun with a darker red eye.
How to help your hibiscus

Amend your soil

Use organic Sweet Peet when you plant your hibiscus. Hardy hibiscus prefer well draining soil over clay.

Feed your plant

Use organic Plant-Tone when you first plant your hibiscus. Then reapply each spring in early April.


Perennial Grasses



Ornamental Allium



One of the most important things to know about hardy hibiscus are that they break dormancy late in the spring! Typically, they do not begin to leaf out until late May or early June. If you do not see growth before then – do not panic! They just like to sleep a little bit longer than most other plants.

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