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Graf’s Holiday Plant Care Guide

Holiday plants are simply stunning with their rich colors, unique flowers, and festive foliage.

Get our tips for caring for all these Holiday plants, below. Shop for all of these holiday plants in our store and online at for contact-free pick-up.

Graf's Holiday Plant Care Guide


Bold & beautiful poinsettias need plenty of sunlight! You can keep them healthy through the holiday season and even enjoy their blooms next year with the right care. 

LIGHT: Bright light (at least 2-3 hours per day).

TEMPERATURE: Keep away from heat sources such as fireplaces and registers.

FERTILIZER: Poinsettias require no fertilizer while in bloom.

WATER: Our soil has very good drainage to minimize the chance of over watering. It is very important to keep your poinsettia very moist at all times. Allow the soil surface to dry only slightly, then water thoroughly. Be sure to drain the saucer so that the pot is not sitting in water.


Cyclamen are cool loving plants with heart-shaped leaves with pink, red, purple or white flowers. They can bloom for weeks and require very little care.

LIGHT: Bright indirect sunlight.

TEMPERATURE: Cyclamen require cool temperatures from 60-70°.

FERTILIZER: Use a diluted low-nitrogen fertilizer every two weeks while in bloom. No need to fertilize while dormant.

WATER: Keep your cyclamen moist, but not soggy. One easy way to accomplish the cool temperature and moist soil is to place an ice cube or two on the soil each day.

Frosty Ferns

Whether you have these for the wonderful smell or to use in recipes, these culinary trees are quite the treat!

LIGHT: Bright light (at least 2-3 hours per day).

TEMPERATURE: Place in a warm. humid space.

WATER: Water well and then let allow the plant to dry between waterings.

AFTER HOLIDAY CARE: Continue to water and fertilize as you would your other house plants.


Amaryllis are lush, regal flowers that make a lovely accent for the holiday home, and their bulbs can be regrown each year. They’re easy to grow and make fabulous gifts.

LIGHT: Place in a bright, indirectly lit south, east or west window.

TEMPERATURE: 55-60° at night, 65-70° during the day.

WATER: Keep evenly moist during growth and flowering; at other times, allow to dry between watering.

AFTER HOLIDAY CARE: After flowering, carefully remove the bloom stem. Keep pot in sun and continue watering & feeding until the foliage has withered. Rest bulb: keep in pot, dry it off & store for 8-10 weeks, then begin cycle again or place potted plant in a cool (55°) growing area for 8-10 weeks and continue to water; afterward, begin cycle again.

Frosty Ferns

LIGHT: Bright, indirect light.

TEMPERATURE: Place in a warm, humid spot.

WATER: Keep soil moist, not wet.

AFTER HOLIDAY CARE: Continue to enjoy as a houseplant all year round!

Christmas Cactus

If you keep only one-holiday plant this year, make it a Christmas cactus. This cactus blooms every year, is easy to care for, and will thrive a long time with the right care!

LIGHT: Bright light (at least 2-3 hours per day).

TEMPERATURE: Place in a cool spot.

FERTILIZER: Christmas cacti require an 8 week resting period from 9/15 to 11/15. During the resting period, allow soil to become very dry between watering and do not fertilize. After resting period, resume regular watering and fertilization until blooms appear.

WATER: Keep soil moist while in bloom. After flowering, allow soil to dry out between watering.


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