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Hydrangeas 101

Endless Summer Hydrangea
Hydrangeas 101

There are more hydrangeas than meets the eye! Discover new hydrangea varieties for your garden and learn how to best take care of the hydrangeas you already own!


Hydrangeas Demystified – 

Did you know there are 6 different Hydrangea varieties? 

Not all hydrangeas are the shade-loving, round flower head plants we all know and love. There are so many other kinds available – sun-loving types, ones with conical shaped flowers, native selections and more! Learn what types of hydrangeas you have at home as well as how to prune them back and then be inspired by new kinds that you can add to your landscape! 

BIGLEAF – Hydrangea macrophylla

  • Blooms on old wood; do not prune back.
  • Protect in the winter
  • Loves partial sun to shade
  • Varieties you may know: ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Let’s Dance Diva’
  • Bloomtime: Late June – August

PANICLE – Hydrangea paniculata

  • Blooms on new wood; prune late winter or early spring.
  • Loves sun to partial sun
  • Varieties you may know: ‘Little Lime’, ‘Quick Fire’, ‘Firelight’, ‘Bobo’
  • Bloom time: Late July – late October


SMOOTH – Hydrangea arborescens

  • Blooms on new wood; prune in late winter or early spring
  • Loves part shade to shade
  • Varieties you may know: ‘Annabelle’, “Invinciball’, ‘Incrediball’
  • Native variety of hydrangea
  • Bloom time: Late May – August

CLIMBING – Hydrangea Petiolaris

  • Blooms on old wood; do not prune back.
  • Loves partial shade to shade
  • Grows slowly for the first three years, and once established, grows rapidly
  • Bloom time: Late June – July



MOUNTAIN – Hydrangea Serrata

  • Blooms on old wood; do not prune back.
  • Protect from drying winds and winter.
  • Loves sun to partial shade
  • Varieties you may know: ‘Tuff Stuff Red’,
  • Bloom time: Late June – August



OAKLEAF – Hydrangea Quercifolia

  • Blooms on old wood; do not prune back.
  • Protect in the winter.
  • Loves partial to full shade
  • Varieties you may know: ‘Alice’, ‘Ruby Slippers’
  • Native variety of Hydrangea
  • Bloom time: Late May – September
Why are my Hydrangeas not blooming?
  • Hydrangeas grow best in moist, but well-drained soil.
  • Hydrangeas are HUNGRY! Be sure to feed them 3x a year with organic Holly-tone! Giving them a meal will help you enjoy more beautiful blooms and foliage.
  • Hydrate your hydrangeas! Hydrangeas have shallow roots, so they dry out quickly. A 2-3″ layer of shredded bark mulch is a useful addition to any hydrangea planting. Give them plenty of water as they are getting established in the first 3 years.


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