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How to Grow Air Plants in Ohio

Air plants are perfect starter plants for those with a fear of houseplants – they’re easy to grow and care for! So you’re probably saying to yourself, “yeah right. I’ve killed every unique houseplant I’ve ever tried to care for and you’re trying to tell me there is one that is easy to take care of. I don’t believe it.”

We are here to tell you that these plants are really all that and then some. There are more than 650 types of air plants (Tillandsia) that can grow and thrive without soil. These low maintenance plants get all of the water and nutrients they need through their leaves. Air plants use their roots only to attach themselves to rocks, trees, wood and the ground. They are native to the southern U.S. as well as Mexico, South American and Central America. They are warm weather loving plants that thrive on neglect.

Are you starting to be convinced? While air plants are very simple to care for, there are a few easy rules to follow when growing them in your home.

Where to Grow Air Plants

  • Air plants need air circulation. As their name indicates, air circulation is key to keeping your plant happy.
  • Air plants need shade. Although they love warm weather, most air plants need protection from full sun. For our climate, it is best to grow them indoors in bright, filtered light during the fall and winter.
  • Air plants also thrive outdoors in partial or dappled shade during late spring and summer. However, don’t let an air plant sit somewhere that’s colder than 45 degrees; it will die at those temperatures.

How to Water Air Plants

You want to soak them in a bowl of water for 20-30 minutes each week and then let them air dry before returning them to their home. Once a month, you should soak them in water for 2-3 hours. The good news is that since these plants are very forgiving, you shouldn’t stress over their care schedule. There’s certainly no need to get a babysitter when you go on vacation!

Now that you are intrigued by these unusual and easy to grow plants, how do you display them in your home?

How to Decorate with Air Plants

Air plants look great alone in hanging terrariums with moss, rocks or other natural looking elements. They are fun when grouped in a bowl on your table. Air plants can also be attached to natural elements such as driftwood, rocks and orchids using glue or fishing monofilament. You can also make a mobile with fishing monofilament, beads, colored wire and more- whatever you can dream up!

We are excited to be carrying air plants and hanging terrariums in our store and we hope that you stop by and grab yourself a piece of tropical paradise- an air plant! For more care information, check out our Air Plant Care Sheet.

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