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Perennials are the key to lasting interest and color in your landscape!


Perennials are plants that return to your garden year after year. They can have many jobs including attracting butterflies, resisting deer and adding curb appeal to your home or patio. The best perennial gardens are ones that highlight unique plants that have different flowering times throughout the growing season. Our garden shop offers locally grown perennials from March through October to make it easy for you to find perennials that bloom at different times throughout the year.


We recommend that you see the colors, shapes and textures of the perennial plants so you can imagine how they will look in your landscape. They work in combination with shrubs and trees to provide your home with a finished look.

You can create pleasing combinations that will give your landscape even more interest.   For example, the burgundy foliage of Heuchera ‘Plum Pudding’ is striking when planted near Astilbe ‘Peach Blossom’ or the bright yellow variegation of Hakonechloa Grass is beautiful combined with the vibrant violet flowers of Geraniums ‘Rozanne’. 


We offer perennial plants that will solve your garden problems. From deer-resistant perennials to perennials that tolerate wet and dry conditions, we have plants that will solve your garden problems. To learn more, download one of our perennial care sheets.

Our perennial greenhouse is overflowing with fresh plants for sun and shade. We invite you to stop in to discover something new for your garden.

Perennial FAQ

Coneflowers, Iris, Lavender, Astilbe, Foxglove, Sweet Woodruff, Lenten Rose, Honeysuckle, Yarrow, Blue Fescue Grass, Bee Balm, Catmint, Russian Sage, Poppies, Black-Eyed Susans

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Milkweed, Coneflowers, Bee Balm, Phlox, Coreopsis, Gaillardia, Shasta Daisy, Liatris, Yarrow

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Butterfly bush, Trumpet Vine, Coral Bells, Cardinal Flower, Lupine, Bee Balm, Salvia, Honeysuckle

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