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Spring Gardening Tips and Ideas


It’s already the end of May and we are all wondering where the month went! May seemed to fly by! It was full of graduations, weddings, parties, sunshine and fun. Many customers have expressed that they feel behind due to busy lives and schedules. There is plenty of time to plant and enjoy your garden all summer long. Here are our Spring Gardening Tips and Ideas:

Choose the correct plants

One of the most important bits of advice that we can give to a novice or expert gardener is to make careful plant selections. It is important to pick a plant that will grow to be the right size for the spot as well as one that will grow and thrive. Choose a shade loving plant for shady spots and sun loving plants for sunny spots.  Furthermore, consider your expectations for the plant. For example – Do you want it to bloom all summer or would you prefer an evergreen so it is green all winter? We are here to help you make plant selections that will do well in your locations.

Prepare your garden beds

Take time to prepare your soil and then fertilize your plants at the time of planting. Incorporate Sweet Peet®, compost, or manure into the soil to enrich it before planting annuals, vegetable plants, perennials and shrubs! This will create a better environment for the roots to grow and develop. Furthermore, add a bit of organic Plant-tone Fertilizer by Espoma (apply according to the directions) when planting. This is the same fertilizer our landscapers use and it works well to help the plant become established quickly. Many people think you can skip this step, however, your plants will be stronger because of fertilizer. All of your plants will reward you with larger flowers and will bloom longer!

Relax and enjoy the process

Transforming your yard and patio doesn’t have to happen overnight or be stressful. Find what works for you. Maybe that is buying pre-planted pots for your patio. We offer patio pots for the sun and the shade You can even pop a hanging basket into your 10” or 12” pots and not plant them. It’ll give you easy, instant color. We also carry 8″ color pots full of zinnias, vinca, marigolds and more for easy planting color. They are great for planting in pots AND flower beds.

If you want to start a vegetable garden, but aren’t ready to fully dig in, try:

  • Patio Tomatoes- They are already planted in a large pot. They can be transplanted into a larger pot or left in the pot it comes in. They are dwarf and produce lots of tomatoes for your salads and sandwiches.
  • Lettuce Bowls- Our lettuce bowls are full of a Simply  Salad Mix that are perfect for a part sun, part shade spot. THey’re easy to harvest and keep growing all summer long.
  • Herb Gardens- Fill containers with your favorite herbs that will always be fresh and save you money at the grocery. Herbs are simple and easy to grow: they love full sun, regular watering, and heavy trimmings.

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