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Succulent Care 101


Let’s dive into the world of succulents and explore these beautiful foliage forward plants that reward you with vibrant colors, uniquely shaped leaves, and occasionally a bloom or two!

Not sure where to start? Here are our tips and tricks for keeping these desert plants thriving.

Succulent Care //


  • Succulents prefer bright light. We recommend 4-6 of bright light or direct sun. We know this is hard in NE Ohio so we suggest placing them near a window in a room where you can read at 2PM without a light on.
  • Too little light, the plant will start to stretch! The more sun a succulent receives, the more vibrant their colors will be.
  • When watering, use room temperature water. DO NOT use ice cubes as succulents hate to be cold.
  • Use well-draining soil in your planters. We recommend our Black Gold Potting Mix.
  • Succulents should only be fertilized from June-August. We recommend Organic Cacti Fertilizer by Espoma or House Plant Fertilizer.

KEY TIP: Succulents like to be planted together! Plant them in whatever fun container you can dream up!


The options are endless. Continue to curate your collection or put some together to create a succulent bowl!



There are 100s of varieties of these rosette-shaped succulents! They come in all colors of the rainbow including dusty rose, blue, green, purple, red and white.

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One of the most iconic & easy-to-care-for succulents. Jades are sturdy, prefer to be potbound, and medium – bright light. Jades come in many varieties of colors and shapes.

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This healing succulent looks beautiful mixed into succulent gardens as well as potted on its own. They prefer to be pot-bound and love medium to bright light. We carry short varieties ranging from 6” – 18” in height.

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Unique Trailing Succulents:


Shown from left to right:
1. NEW String of Dolphins [Senecio peregrinus] 2. String of Beads [Senecio herreianus] 3. Ruby Necklace [Othonna Capensis] 4. String of Pearls [Senecio rowleyanus]

We love to mix these dramatic trailing succulents into container gardens or plant them on their own and hang them near a window!

Sizzling Sedums:


Sedums are low growing, foliage forward succulents that look fantastic when mixed into a succulent bowl or planted with one another. Their vibrant colors will offset other succulents and make them stand out.

We love to plant them under jades, echeverias and other succulents to cover up the soil and make the planter look finished!

Reach into the World of Succulents!

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