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Why should I fertilize my plants in early spring?

It is time to get outside and prep your gardens for spring and summer growth!

Below, find the information about fertilizing your plant babies in spring. 

Why should I fertilize my plants in early spring?

Catch their growing wave! Spring’s warm days and cool nights are excellent for plant growth. If you feed your plants now, you’ll help them grow even faster and stronger.

What are the benefits of fertilizing your plants?

Fertilizing builds stronger roots. Stronger roots help prevent stress when we have droughts.

Fertilizing helps build stronger stems. Stronger stems help to withstand rain and wind.

Fertilizing helps grow stronger blooms. Get bigger blooms for longer flowering times.

What type of fertilizer do my plants need?

Find our line of organic fertilizers in the shop or online!


Organic Plant-Tone

Grasses, heuchera, bleeding hearts, phlox, geraniums, coneflowers and more.

acid-loving shrubs


Hydrangeas, azaleas, rhododendrons, arborvitaes, holly bushes and all other evergreen shrubs


Butterfly Bushes, peonies, deutzia, willows, forsythia, spirea, and hibiscus


Shrub roses, David Austin Roses, Hybrid Tea Roses, Climbers

Soil Acidifier


Soil Acidifier

It helps your macrophylla hydrangea blooms to stay or become blue!


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